Burglar alarm systems

A Funke burglar alarm system (automatically) guards property from theft and areas or rooms from unauthorised intrusion.

It also has the job via sensors of assessing disturbances and dangers and of raising and forwarding the alarm.

The sensors are either constantly active or can be switched on and off via a central arming mechanism. Whenever the system is armed, all of its accessible doors and covers must be monitored for any attempts to open them (sabotage). From VdS (insurance association) class B upwards, whenever the central system is triggered the police must be alerted via a transmitter and in the event of any fault a specially commissioned repair service has to be automatically informed.

Find out more from us about any of the following components / subject areas: 

  • Motion detectors
  • Door contacts
  • Window contacts
  • Magnetic contacts
  • External sirens
  • Internal sirens
  • Glass breakage detectors
  • Arming
  • Disarming
  • Telephone autodial systems
  • Connection to the police
  • Intervention
  • Burglar alarm central control