Protection & sniffer dogs

Trained guard and sniffer dogs provide security.

In addition to commercial trade, we also offer services with powerful service dogs of a high level of quality at a national and international level for the deployment segments specified below:

Protection dogs:

  • Personal protection dogs
  • Attack dogs

Our range of services is directed towards domestic and foreign customers from the following areas:

  • Police
  • Federal police
  • Military
  • Military police
  • Customs
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Security services providers
  • Authorised private persons

The foundation is to breed or purchase entirely character-strong, confident, resilient, driven and healthy animals in order to then promote the recognised features of every individual animal individually and to develop them within the relevant time frame of training to the maximum performance. We sell promising young dogs as well as fully trained adult animals.

We work in the protection dog industry virtually entirely with dogs of the Malinois (Mechelaar) and Herder (Hollandse Herdershound) races. Only on request and order do we also deliver dogs of other commercial dog races. The preparation period here is a lot longer and cannot be defined in terms of define precisely, as the search for a suitable takes a lot longer. We sell dogs with and without a probation period, with a medical check-up as well as x-ray images (HD, ED and back). The animals are chipped and vaccinated on handover.