Event security

Our work begins even before your actual event.

Professional event security requires conscientious preparation on site - especially in the case of major functions such as concerts, trade fairs and sporting events.

To us detailed advance analyses of the on-site circumstances and the planned itinerary are just as much part of the job as the actual security duties during the event itself.

If desired, our personnel will also integrate themselves into the flow of the event, thus enabling them to provide even greater security from a background position.

In such cases we will naturally provide you with staff that suit the event in question in terms both of appearance and demeanour.

We would be delighted to work for you in any of the following areas of event security:

  • Night club security
  • Stage security
  • Backstage security
  • Security checks
  • Baggage checks
  • Access control
  • Admission control
  • Accreditation management
  • Pass management
  • Stand guards
  • Trade show surveillance
  • Stewarding services
  • Stadium security
  • Event security