Public security

We work to help maintain a safe society.

Protecting public security calls for lots of experience and specially trained personnel able to keep a clear head even in difficult situations and to make the right decisions without delay.

Funke Security & Service possesses the required wherewithal to carry out duties such as inner city patrols or security and inspection services on local public transport.

By virtue of being especially strong in the areas of planning and preparation and of executing tasks based squarely on such plans, we are able to successfully ensure the security of staff and clients even in locations with large numbers of people, such as in trains and at ports or airports.

Our company provides the following services in the specialist area of public security:

  • Inner city patrols (municipal & private)
  • Railway security
  • Lookout services
  • Security services in public transport
  • Inspection services in public transport
  • Airport security
  • Port security (ISPS)