Personal security - Frankfurt am Main

Red Carpet Event

Red Carpet Event is a national agency with locations in Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main and Mainz. The agency supports a wide variety of events including movie premieres.

Celebrities enjoy attending these film premieres. Consequently, these events are very popular and people attempt to gain admission without being on the list. In addition, VIPs must be personally protected and security services are required for the event itself. Safety technology in the form of safety fence systems is also necessary for such an event. These fence systems ensure a regulated flow of people and enable effective entry and capacity surveillance.

FUNKE Security & Service has had the privilege of providing this array of security services as a Red Carpet Event partner. When stars such as Matthias Schweighöfer, Thomas Anders, Hape Kerkeling or Bushido make an appearance, we provide the necessary personal security. We further see to it that all of the mentioned security services are filled by appropriate personnel.